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Bits of Papers (Paper Folding) - 2

Book Code:WBP2

Price: `60/-

Tarun Publications publish the Series of Drawing books. In our series we have Kids Gallery of Art from class I to VIII, Bits of Papers (Paper folding) for class I to V and Glory of Art for class VI, VII and VIII.
Feature: Bits of Papers (Papers Folding) - 2
Child friendly book containing step-by step instructions for activities. All the practical details of different art and craft techniques are given. It has hands on experience of using different color media. Along with this perforated sheets for different activities have been provided. Separate stickers' sheets have been provided to make the concept clear. Coloring limit has been given to control the hand movements of the child. Reference color scheme has been provided to give children the idea of what color is to be use.

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