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New Search and Find - 7

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The word general knowledge is carry the meaning that the information on many different subjects that you collects gradually, from reading, television, etc., rather than detailed information on subjects that you have studied formally. This kind of knowledge remains there in every field or subject like sports, politics, History, Science, Inventions, events etc.. Here at Tarun Publications we publish a series of books on General Knowledge with the title "New Search and Find"for up to class VIIIth and publishing the books the special attention is given to the mysteries and wonder of nature as well as the human conquests and achievements in the diverse fields of Science, arts and culture besides sports have been covered in a highly interesting manner, stimulating self learning in the child.

Features: New Search and Find - 7

This book is most updated on general knowledge till date. It is simple and easy language with colorful decoration. A variety of interesting activities and quizzes is given. Interesting and amazing facts has been provided to increase the knowledge of students. Information on variety of topics is given to increase the knowledge of students. The book has been illustrated with relevant pictures as well as photographs. Different aspects of situations and things for students are there to think over them.

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