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Map Expert Geography - 10

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MAP EXPERT is a series of three books which are designed for classes VIth to Xth.
MAP EXPERT (GEOGRAPHY) - 10 has been prepared as per the latest syllabus of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).
Maps are an absolute necessary tool of a geographer. He needs them to understand events, facts and environmental themes. Today, Maps have become absolutely essential not only for the study of geography but also for other disciplines. Map reading will make children familiar, better informed and more disciplined students of tomorrow.
The salient features of these Map Workbooks are:
1. Exercises related to identifying, labeling and locating palace on the map.
2. Innumerable opportunities to draw, cooler, locate and label the required information.
3. Colorful pictures of various types of terrain.
4. Photographs of historical events to enhance the grasping skills of the child.
The maps have been drawn keeping in mind the level of the child. They have been prepared using the latest cartographic techniques. They also provide up-to-date Information of the latest developments in the world. These workbooks will help Children to understand concepts though exercises and activities and better understanding about our ever changing world. The editor of this book is Anita Jain.

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