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Lord of The Flies- XII

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About the book

Some children, who were traveling in a British plane, had a providential escape when their plane crashes onto an inhabited island in . The boys, apprehensive of their future, group themselves under the leadership of a boy, Ralph and look for ways to escape the island. But, ironically, a boy named Jack, envious of Ralph, splits from Ralph's group and provokes the boys to fight Ralph. The fight leads to tragic loss of two boys, named Simon and Piggy.

The novel incorporates following striking features:

-           The whole text is an unabridged edition.

-           Meaning of difficult words, phrases and expression at given at the end of every page.

-           Several in text question are given under the heading sharpen your memory to make you understand the text more clearly.

-           Chapter wise summary, text base questions, depicting characters, scenes, plots are provided at the end of the chapter to enhance the knowledge of the students.

-           Questions based on characters and questions with answers are provided.

-           Some unsolved questions involving theme, plot, characters incidents etc provide at the end of the book.

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