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Talk English Listening and Speaking (Conversation)-4

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Talk  English Conversation series from 1 to 8 has been designed to help the learners improve their grammar, communication and writing skills. The exercises involve inductive rather than deductive learning. Each unit focuses on a specific grammatical structure by working through a series of examples and exercises. This book is aimed to develop the communicative abilities of the students focusing on the four skills:  Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing, along with the necessary elements of Grammar and vocabulary. Each chapter concludes with a revision-based activity for consolidating the previous learning. The exercises activate analytical skills too. Applying their grammatical knowledge to assignments gives students a richer, substantial and practical learning experience.

The exercises incorporate the following features:

Picture Dictionary (Grade1 to 3)

Ø  Enhances the vocabulary of learners with lucid illustrations.

Word Power (Grade 4 to 5)

Ø  Enhances the vocabulary of learners.

Let’s Converse

Ø  Facilitates learners to learn various phrases to converse in day-to-day situations.

Time to Talk

Ø  Provides immense opportunity to learners to master the listening and speaking skills.

Learning is Fun

Ø  Provides variety of exercises for practice and to reinforce the concepts learnt.

All about Grammar

Ø  Familiarises learners with the set of grammar rules that explains how words are used in a language.

Time to Smile / Tongue twisters

Ø  Fun activities are designed to reduce the stress and to make the learners at ease.

Story time / Picture description

Ø  Provides thought-provoking situations to strengthen the writing and thinking skills of learners.

Some other features of the series are as follows:

Ø  Practice exercises will not only enhance the learners’ conceptual grasp but also inculcate accuracy and fluency in speaking English.

Ø  Tip of the unit is given to tell learners what they are going to learn in this unit.

Ø  Carefully graded exercises.

Ø  Well Illustrated.

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