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Computer is an electronic device used in almost every field these days. Computers are quick, efficient and can do multi-tasks easily. A computer affects our daily life on such a large scale that we cannot possibly imagine a world without it.

The knowledge of computers is very important for children. The computer Express series is bases on the latest curriculum introduced by the council.

The series aims to fulfil the current necessity of basic computer education in Indian schools.

This series is based on windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.


Ø  The concepts are explained properly with the use of easy language and colourful pictures.

Ø  A summary of the chapter is given in order to recapitulate every concept studied in the chapter.

Ø  Some Practice questions are provided in the Learning Time section at the end of the chapter for evaluation of the topics learnt.

Ø  There are Teacher’s notes provided at the end of the chapter to help teacher’s understand how to teach a chapter to the students.

Ø  Lab Activities offer the students an opportunity to practise the various steps involved in learning an application program or a computer language.

Ø  Brief Notes and facts as NOTE and Did You Know are introduced in every chapter to provide additional knowledge.

Ø  Project Work includes the activities that will help nurture and develop the skills of investigation and experimentation.

Ø  Worksheets are set for assessment and evaluation.

We hope the series will be helpful for students as well as teachers teaching the subject.

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