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Terms & Conditions

  • If the builty return back, the whole expenses will be borne by the customers & further goods will not be sent without advance payment.
  • Goods will be booked against V.P.L or Bank delivery.
  • 1/2 % (Half percent) will be charged for packing, dispatching and forwarding the goods through Railway or Transport.
  • 4Right to change the terms and conditions is reserved with the Publishers.
  • No advance information for changing the books will be provided.
  • 6Without receipt, the amount should not be given to our representatives, otherwise we will not be responsible for the loss of amount.
  • Only those books will be send which are available. The order will not be detained for non-availability of books and those ordered books will not be supplied without further information/intimation from the party.
  • All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.
  • Our trade discount is 20%.
  • Only 10% of the total Quantity of goods supplied can be returned and we will not be responsible for excess of this quantity.

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